What is everyone saying about Danilo?

"Danilo is one of the most influential people in the Automation and Ai industry. He opens up the biggest international events in this space and his views and opinions on different solutions and topics are highly sought after by C level executives, as he has the experience to back them up. The Times and various respected publications also recognise him as a thought leader on these topics too, which on its own says it all!"

Alex Purvis - Director, Enate

"Danilo is an outstanding speaker! He has lead some of our AI & RPA discussions and his knowledge within this field has inspired many technology leaders from international enterprises."

Anita Oakley - Director, Inspired Business Media

"Danilo is an absolute fount of knowledge on digital transformation and technological innovation. The broad experience he has working with Ai and Automation technologies makes him a unique thought leader in the industry. I have been lucky to collaborate with Danilo in a wide range of educational content around RPA, and I have been impressed by his abilities to explain complex technical solutions in a business-friendly manner that can engage and delight any audience. I admire his ever-expanding appetite for knowledge and his openness to share new ideas and help others with their goals. Above all, he is a great human being and my go-to guru for emerging technologies."

Xuan Liao - CMO, Jolt Advantage Group

"With his extensive knowledge of AI and Automation technologies, Danilo was an excellent choice for my podcast. In fact, his episode remains one of the most popular ever released, with thousands of listens. What stuns me about Danilo is his depth of thought. He has profound ideas about how AI and Automation will affect societies, businesses and individuals. Recognising both the opportunities and the risks presented by technology. The way that he can connect ideas from disparate industries and present them in ways that everyone can understand sets him apart as a Thought Leader and world-class Keynote Speaker. He is a leading light in the industry and my go-to person for industry trends and developments. On a personal note, Danilo has also been incredibly encouraging of my work. He's challenged and inspired me to think bigger. For this I am and always will be grateful. Danilo is a force for good in this world and it is a privilege to know him."

Richard Foster-Fletcher - Founder of NeuralPath.io and MKAI Chair

"Danilo is a one of a kind thought leader within the AI & automation space with an exceptional track record of project successes. He is really passionate about how organisations can use technology to better their business for both customers and staff. I have no doubt Danilo will continue to bring forward innovate ways we can embrace AI & automation to better the world as we know it today."

Ivan Abis - Senior Management, Maximise IT

"I have worked with Danilo across a number of different mediums including conferences, virtual round tables, private round table dinners, and have even had the pleasure of being able to interview him on the impact of AI and automation on society."

"Danilo is one of the most engaging speakers I have worked with, and his perspective is not only informative and enlightening-he makes the content engaging and easy to understand and relate to."

Abi Labaton - Senior Management, Inspired Business Media

"He (Danilo) has the innate ability to explain and capture his audience with great ease. He has the unique talent of breaking down complex subjects and explaining them in a way that captures everyone’s attention. He brings a fresh perspective and clarity to a topic filled with misconceptions. It was a real honour to have Danilo speak"

Malvina EL-Sayegh - StayHuman Podcast Founder

"Danilo is a smart, hard-working and passionate leader who is not afraid to try a new innovative approach rather that sticking with the status quo. He listens to all the points of view and will chime in with suggestions, seeking a consensus rather than making unilateral decisions without having buy-in. He thinks long term rather than just getting sucked into the day-to-day. He is approachable and genuinely wants the best for those he works with."

Michael Pearce - Management, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

"His knowledge of change management/rpa/transformation and how to get buy in from vital stakeholders was head and shoulders above anyone else I have ever worked with. In the end Danilo broke CitiGroup records in delivering its first Ai Automation and program and setup a legacy of plans for years to come given his incredible skills to see and plan into the future and influence those around him (a vital skills when there are so many conflicts of interest in a program with so much change). It was a pleasure to work with Danilo he is truly a great leader."

Ben Roberts - Management, Novosco

"Danilo is a versatile character with loads of strategic thought leadership and extensive experience in Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning space and his strategic & thought leadership skills are in par with C Level Strategic Management at a large corporate. He has been heading AI/ ML Strategic Program for entire Citi Bank ICG Markets Cluster for global delivery which he was responsible for a multi million dollar program. He played a key role in expanding the bank’s AI / ML strategic initiatives from the scratch ... across globe spanning EMEA, NAM, LATAM and APAC regions. His extensive experience in business and AI/ ML tech, training and development skills, Operations knowledge, and partner management has helped to achieve quantum leap in business results..."

Duminda Jayathilake - Management, John Keells Holdings PLC

"Danilo is a genius when it comes to Productivity/RPA/ML/Artificial Intelligence and IT transformational projects/programs/initiatives. His energy and drive is like no other... Danilo has a truly addictive charisma and is perhaps the most skilled negotiator ... Danilo is also a true strategist, always carefully planning and adapting, he has great vision and experience. All he has taught me has become long life lessons that I will utilize and cherish forever"

Adedire Gisarin - Ai, Citigroup

"Danilo has the rare ability to operationally turn around companies and significantly grow them internationally – he proved it across industries and geographies. He has the entire executive tool box under his belt and implements super efficiently"

Daniel Scholten - Managing Director, Procel Capital

"In a nutshell, Danilo is expert in multiple domain because of his never ending urge to explore. Fantastic business sense and entrepreneur skill. Detail and action oriented. One of the most motivational people I have ever met!" 

Sachin Mishra - Co-Founder, Fulon

"Danilo's innovative “outside the box” thinking has shown he is very much in touch with market initiatives and understands the strategic bigger picture well. A very skilled and motivated individual with the ability to motivate others."

Samed Bouaynaya - Director,Altana Wealth

"Danilo’s track record of producing outsized results with automation and AI at his current & prior roles might be unprecedented. In his 15 year career in this space he has overseen over 1,200 automation projects that to date have delivered circa $250 million in savings"

Guy Nadivi - Intelligent Automation Radio

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