Danilo is recognised internationally as a market leader executive in making companies more Tech enabled through Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence and Automation programs. His programs have gotten attention from The Times, InfoMoney Bloomberg, Techco, Ai Magazine, Computer Weekly – he is ranked top 10 in the world by research and consultancy firms in various tech domains such as Ai, Automation, Data and Digital Transformation. He has extensive technical knowledge and people skills that he gained from managing key technology programs, some of which are the world’s largest Innovation and Ai programs in Blue-chip market leading companies in various industries and countries. 
Leading advisory and research firms predict that AI and automation is going to add $9 to $15.7 trillion in terms of economic value and growth by 2030. The World Economic Forum has coined "Ai" to be the 4th Industrial Revolution.
These transformational technologies will ultimately impact every individual, organisation, government and industry so it is important you stay ahead and learn how and what role you can play in it all. Along with Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Genomics, 5G, IoT, Quantum Computing and the Green movement, Ai and Automation are amongst the largest commercial opportunities around today. Ai and Automation is today widespread and has transformed much of what we do already, but within the next 5-10 years the world in which we live in will look and feel totally different than what we see around us today. Such innovational technologies both pose opportunities for all, but also must be properly used, managed and monitored so that it can be used only for benefiting humanity in a positive way. 

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