"In his 15 year career in this space he has overseen over 1,200 automation projects that to date have delivered circa $250 million in savings"

Intelligent Automation Radio

Highlights: Current Global Head of Automation at Alter Domus (a market leading asset management services company, part of the Permira Private Equity Group). Previously one of the Heads of Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning at CitiGroup (3rd largest US bank, 17th largest Financial institution globally). Also previously senior management of Automation (RPA/Ai) in UnitedHealth Group (#5 on the Fortune 500). Advisor to the European Union Commission Ai Alliance. Published in The Times Newspaper, InfoMoney and other leading publications.

Previous companies worked for include Motorola, JPMorgan, BNP Paribas, Royal Bank of Canada, UnitedHealth Group & CitiGroup

Specialities (working and technical knowledge): Automation, Robotics Process Automation, OCR, NLP, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence. Re-useability analysis, big data management, desktop analytics, manual touch points analysis. Starting and Scaling Automation and Innovation programs.

Technologies/Vendor experience: Helped develop in house and off the shelf solutions. Extensive experience in working closely with and running programs that utilised the following vendors: Automation Anywhere, WorkFusion, Celonis, Kryon, Taiger, Xceptor, Symphony, BluePrism, Epiance, Signovio and UiPath. Close relationships with both the technical and management teams of the named vendors above. Deep understanding of the Automation/Transformation market and its developments historically and for the next 3-5 years.

Industries/Sectors worked in: Healthcare, Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Governments (Private and Public sector experience).

Languages: English (native), Portuguese (business), Spanish (business), French (basic)


The longer version...

Danilo is an award winning Innovation and Automation executive, his career carries world leading blue-chip leading corporate names such as Motorola, JPMorgan Chase, BNP Paribas, Royal Bank of Canada, Citi Group and UnitedHealth Group. In Financial Services he built his reputation during the Financial Crisis of 2008 by becoming one of Royal Bank of Canada’s youngest Associate Director after consistently delivering record breaking Transformation and Change that had global positive ramifications. At Citi Group he was one of the heads of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) and Machine Learning where he again broke records in delivering the first Ai robotics program. The world’s top advisory firms praised the program as "a fresh perspective on Automation (RPA/Ai) that is scalable and efficient, months if not years ahead of other competitors in the Financial services industry". He most recently left UnitedHealth Group (the world’s largest healthcare provider, No.5 on Fortune 500 companies) as part of the firm’s senior management running what is known in the industry as the world’s largest Automation program that is impacting Healthcare globally. Post 2014 he was also a senior consultant to individuals and organisations in the Public sector in the topics in and around Innovation, Transformation and Artificial Intelligence. He has a BSc Hons from the University of Bath and is an avid learner haven taken courses in Ivy League and other leading educational institutions. Danilo is also part of the Ai Alliance team for the European Union that helps set guidelines for the use of Ai in the EU. Danilo is active in the keynote speeches and thought leadership space for Innovation and Automation, having delivered several keynote speeches internationally. His work has been published in The Times Newspaper and other publications such as InfoMoney Bloomberg too. Danilo takes immense pleasure in working with several NGO's too in this space as part of his personal mission to ensure Ai is used for the greater good.

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